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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

07/19/2016 by ccbass0077

For Our Travelers:

It’s easy, find your perfect rental home then book direct with the owner/manager and save money. Simply check calendar for availability, then send an inquiry or use their contact info for owners and book directly with them. No more excessive booking fees, pop-ups, upsells and bait and switch.


Q: How do I start?

A: Creating an account with us is easy. Click here to Subscribe for $35.00/set-up then $19.95/mo


SAVE ON OUR YEARLY OPTION at $35.00/set-up then $189.00/yr –

Click the + Signup button at top of page (choose I want to rent option), go to your profile and read instructions. Post at least one photo for admin approval!



YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR LISTING. After submitting your listing(s) we encourage you to share, post and expose your listing page link that tells travelers they are about to save a lot of money.

If you want us to submit and upload your listing to our site. After payment, email us at with your Name, Email Address that matches your subscription signup info and existing vacation rental listing link and we will be glad to help.

You are immediately placed in our network and join over 500,000 followers with millions of public page views monthly.

Join the groups and let us know you are our client. We PRE-APPROVE you to list on our network to help benefit long-term business growth.

** We market heavily on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. *We do not charge extra for this; it is included. Your business of giving quality service as well as savings to your guests are in your hands.


Q: How do I continue to promote the total network?
A: Share this site, listings on this site, our FB groups, Our FB pages, and posts on the network! We handle the Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and FB Threads accounts.. 🙂

Q: I have my own listing already, will you promote that as well?
A: Yes! We strive to put the guest into your direct booking business. Make sure to list your email, phone, website, social profiles so as to expand as far as possible.

Q: What do I do after I receive a guest inquiry notification from this site?
A: The notification comes to you via email. When you respond to the guest make sure to include their email address in the “To” section of your email response to inquiry!

IMPORTANT Re-Marketing Tip **

** Q: What can I do with the people’s contacts that inquire to me?
A: Save the email address to continue promotion and remarketing: ask if you can send them specials and offers and encourage them to SHARE your property with social profiles, friends or family.

Q: I’m already on a “listing” site for vacation rentals that has seen a decline in my bookings, why this marketing website?
A: Travelers are getting tired of so many added charges and “pop ups” showing hotel rooms competing for bookings. Many owners are lowering the nightly rental price to offset the increased costs from these sites; All the while paying even more to be listed. We are a MARKETING SITE alternative.

Q: Why have search engine terms increased for “No Service Fee” & “No Booking Fee” Vacations Rentals/Homes?
A: Costs have risen dramatically for Travelers as well as Owners. People want to save more money and are looking for Vacation Rental HomeOwners that book direct.

Q: How can I get my vrbo or airbnb calendar on my listing?
A: Send us the code or link and we will insert it for you. Please be clear as to who you are and what listing it goes with. We suggest you using 1 calendar to manage your reservations more precisely.

To Export your HomeAway calendar (instructions similar to other booking sites)

Log in to your account.
If you have more than one property, select the property you wish to edit.
Click the Calendar icon in the left navigation menu.
Click the Import/Export arrows icon.
Click Export Calendar.
Copy the URL and paste into calendar URL area of your listing on our site.
Q: Do we charge a service fee?
A: No

Q: Do we charge a booking fee?
A: No

Q: Do we charge anything additional?
A: No

Q: How do I take a booking from this site?
A: You will be notified via email. You can send guest an invoice. Contact guest direct to communicate terms, price and payment.

Q: How do I take secure payments from guests?
A: Many use PayPal, Stripe, Square or others as a secure trusted credit card payment solution. Just send the guest an invoice with all details and receive a secure payment. Other options are available online. THIS SITE HANDLES NO PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS, keeping your business between you and your guests.

Q: What about travel insurance?
A: We think it is a good idea. Many credit cards already provide travel insurance with their plans. Check details to make sure or ez affordable travel insurance can be purchased online for your vacation home rental experience. With the money people are saving booking direct, some vacation rental owners include it free.

Q: How many images are included per property?
A: 24 of your rental property photos are available to upload.

Q: How do I post reviews about a property?
A: Owners send us actual reviews from guests that have stayed at their property. Owners verify the actual reviews and we post them.

Q: How do I put my property video in my listing?
A: There are 2 options for you to post a video. One is YouTube and the other is Vimeo. Just choose which site your video is hosted on and post the end of the url only! Example: <- This Portion ONLY

Q: What size should my images be?
A: 1024 x 768 works well. Need to compress your image file size? Many DIY online services are available. Accepted file formats: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg

Q: What is the total size of my listing file with images?
A: You are allotted 10 megabytes per listing.


Q: Why don’t we offer a complete booking/payment system.
A: So the traveler and owner connects to make meaningful contact and clarify details.

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