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How To Be A Great Host For Florida Renters

How to be a Great Host for Florida Vacation Home Renters

“Some of the most enthusiastic Florida vacation rental hosts are so dedicated to their guests having an exceptional stay that they’re challenged to find their own time and resources for themselves,” Also stating “They’re givers and sometimes givers and can go too far into that giving activity.”

Determine your goals

Are you hosting primarily to earn money? For companionship? To create more art or share the meals you enjoy preparing? Then it’s important to recognize and feel good about how hosting aligns with and supports these goals. For Elle, Airbnb hosting started as a means to keeping her apartment. She says that initial goal has evolved into being able to provide a great, affordable place to stay in the highly coveted West Village and give guests the opportunity to live like a New Yorker. “I’m proud to be able to share that.”

Better marketing means more actual bookings

Better marketing means more actual bookings

Surround yourself with resources

And by resources, Elle means those you can “call in a pinch” when, for instance, “you need to get keys to someone at 2 p.m. when you’re working in an office across town.” This includes a community of friends, like-minded neighbors, a cleaning service, or a few people who are willing to work part time or per diem, barter or take payment for cleaning, key hand-off and greeting when you are unable to do it yourself.

5 Great tips we use being a Florida vacation home host

  1. Stay Connected: I make it a point to quickly respond to all inquiries and provide clear instructions for everything in my home. I’m always available to answer questions during my guests’ stay.
  2. Welcome with Warmth: I take pride in offering a clean, inviting space with personal touches like cozy decor and a welcome gift of local treats to make guests feel at home.
  3. Add Unique Amenities: I equip my rental with standout features like high-speed Wi-Fi, a fully stocked kitchen, and extras tailored to my guests, whether they’re families or business travelers.
  4. Focus on Cleanliness and Safety: I ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization between stays and equip my property with essentials like smoke detectors and first-aid kits to prioritize guest safety.
  5. Learn and Improve: After each visit, I encourage feedback and actively use it to refine my hosting style and amenities, striving to make every guest’s experience better than the last.

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