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Thank You For Listing Your Vacation Rental Home

09/19/2016 by ccbass0077

Welcome to Our Florida Vacation Rental Marketing and Advertising Network

You have just joined ⭐ The Largest Book Direct Vacation Rental Network Featuring and – No Booking Fee Savings
What’s Next-
  1.  If you have not already signed up on our site(top), do that now. Select I want to rent my property in selection box.
  2.  In your profile, upload your id so we can verify ownership of your rental.
  3.  We will review payment status and signup on our website.
  4.  We will notify you when your listing will be ready for you to upload. When you fill out your listing upload make sure you include email, website of your rental, phone number, etc.

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We will start your property marketing and advertising in all our platforms.

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